Road Trips

So we’re taking a road trip… not the shortest of road trips either. Christopher and I will begin our month long vacation to upstate NY on Sunday morning … a whopping 1,380 miles. A little background on me, I find myself saying the sentance “I go crazy when I’m not busy” this applies in my career, in my home on the weekends etc. anyone that knows me typically says “Lauren always needs a plan” so when it comes to road trips, 24 hours in the car together… with the plan of only, drive, get gas, eat, drive, get gas, eat… I get a little (yes, the word little is an understatement) bored & crazy.

Christopher and I in a car for this length of time is a true test to our relationship…I get bored usually an hour into any car trip and demand entertainment. THANKFULLY, Christopher bought a big pick up truck with a luxurious back seat – dvd player included! The dogs and I will more than likely be chauffered to NY!

Below is our PLANNED journey… we decided to take the Smoky Mountain scenic route versus the overly boring 95 North route… let’s see how this pans out! ImageThis is how excited Christopher is to spend 24 hours in the car with me 🙂 SUCH love Image


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