Students Speak of Racism at Fairfield University

Students Speak of Racism at Fairfield University.

The link above is an article that I wanted to share with you all about the unjust system at Fairfield University. Known in college books as “the most homogeneous university in the US,” Fairfield University isn’t a bad school to go to BECAUSE of the lack of culture but the issue lies in not defending your students when they are harassed verbally or otherwise for BEING diverse. Living in Miami, I’m not unaccustom to diversity… I AM the minority in Miami… white, Catholic, Italian/Irish/Dutch background… I took a Judaism class at Fairfield to count as my religion credit only to find out that aside from one Jewish student and the Jewish professor… the other students had never even MET a Jewish person… majority of my friends at Fairfield had seen a black person before but never known one personally or had any living in their town… my reaction, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam… comes naturally to me and black people? Who categorizes people by color anymore… nevermind WHERE DO YOU LIVE that there are no black people? Mississippi in the early 60’s?

The bottom line here is go ahead and be a homogenous university… who cares but DEFEND your students when they are mistreated, when they are verbally or physically beat up…yes, it actually happened last year.

You attend college to FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION, well Fairfield, try teaching your students life lessons like the difference between right and wrong (yes, it should have been taught in kindergarten and by their family but clearly the parents are just as ignorant as their children), teach justice when its necessary and for God’s sake DO IT NOW.


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