Recipe of the Day

This dish is packed with protein and fiber, which will fill you up and kick your unhealthy cravings to the curb. Plus, it’s easy to make.

Ingredients: Millet (can substitute for cous-cous or rice) Salt Onions Assorted vegetables Tomatoes Garlic Cayenne pepper Parsley Basil leaves


1. Pour 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt into a pot and bring to a boil

2.  Add the millet to the pot and cook until all the liquid is absorbed In another skillet, sauté onions and your favorite vegetables in little olive oil until soft About 5 minutes before your vegetables are cooked, add fresh tomatoes to the mix for extra flavor

3.Then, mix the millet and cooked veggies together

4. For seasoning, add garlic, salt, cayenne pepper, parsley and basil leaves

Now, go ahead and enjoy your healthy eats! This recipe is so simple and it’s a great option for lunch or dinner. Try making your vegetable millet the night before, refrigerating it, then packing it to throw over a salad at school or work the next day.


Week 1 Sans Manley

One week down! 15 more to go…

Week one was full of downs, only a few ups but thankfully a whole lot of neutral. Not seeing Christopher hasn’t been the most fun thing in the world but at least I know I have one week under my belt and am one week closer to seeing him again.

Operation: “Keep myself occupied” has begun in FULL force. The dogs are also soldiers in this mission, they have been playing with EVERY toy in their toy basket, wrestling with each other, kissing, cuddling and attempting to peel apart large coconuts.

Project #1 My first project was to supervise the completion of our backyard renovation, it was successful! It looks gorgeous! The dogs are also thrilled, they have SO much more running room and have been sunbathing in the grass.

Project #2 was to create an American Flag wreath, also successful if you ask me! 😉 From there I went on to make a decorative wreath for fall.



Bye-bye Summer

The closing of the summer has been fun/happy/sad/annoying/kick-ass times.

1. We had a hurricane… (or not). We fully prepared for a cat 2… I had the two men in the house carrying every piece of outdoor furniture and every potted plant (we probably have 100) to safety in preparation for this man, Isaac, when he RUDELY (or not so rudely) decided not to show. A crap-ton of rain and wind later, our yard was covered in branches and a few small trees fell down. The end.

Image( can we go out yet?)

2. Since we moved into our home we’ve noticed a small problem in our backyard… it floods. No matter a how long it rains for the whole backyard floods and our poor maltese gets soaked up to her chin. Because grass apparently doesn’t want to grow when it’s under water, all we have is mud. Mud+ Puppy Paws =a very unhappy housewife.  We have had to take on a huge outdoor lanscaping project … removing TONS of trees (which brings so much more sunlight), replanting our gardenia hedges somewhere else and covering the entire space with grass!! The pooches will be thrilled when we are done, me too.

Image (day 1 demolition)

Image(day 2 demolition)

3. Since Christopher was leaving for the Army… I decided I’d take this opportunity to throw him a surprise ‘send-off’ and include a few other surprises throughout the weekend. One being 3 great friends from Fairfield that we haven’t seen in way too long! Here is the surprise:Image

He had ZERO idea any of this was being planned behind his back. It was fantastic and I give myself a HUGE pat on the back for not spilling the beans. It’s hard for me to keep secrets from him.

4. After a wonderful last weekend with family and friends….Christopher has reported for duty in the United States Army, HOOAH! While we (myself, our dogs and our families) are VERY excited and VERY proud of him… we already miss him dearly.


I’ve even had them sleep with me since he left…which generally is a no go. Furry dog + white Kate Spade comforter DO NOT mix… so I bought a king size black US Army blanket so I’d have some company.

At the end of the day… while we miss him already SO MUCH… we are beyond honored to have him serve for our country.