Just us 3, again.

After only a few short days, it’s just us 3, again. The morning he left this is what the entire day was like… photo 1 photo 2A sad princess sitting atop her throne and a very sad husk giving me the sad eyes …literally all day. We will miss you Bub! See you soon.


Working From Home

When we first heard we were moving to North Carolina I decided to start my own PR/Social Media/Marketing Firm, The Manley Group. (Visit us @ www.themanleygroup.com) I decided that the third bedroom in our home would become my office for one of two reasons; 1. I refuse to pay for an office space in a building – its entirely unnecessary in this day and age! 2. The second guest room in our house is ‘special’. The owner of the home had it painted as an underwater scene… observe….photo 4photo 3photo 1photo 2so that’s the office… because we don’t have a small child who would enjoy this under water scene… aside from my husband Christopher…. we decided its best suited as an office. Working from home has been great thus far, aside from not having a desk yet. My coworkers are nice, they’ve welcomed me, we’ve got a security  guard, a dishwasher and some ‘working over your shoulder’ types. They’re pretty funny too. Take a look:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

It’s been awhile

So it’s been awhile. Since November, 2012 …he graduated from basic training, we got engaged, he graduated from Airborne, we got married and we moved.

We found a great house, she looks like this:20130426-093314.jpg



We love it! We (my mother and I) spent her last day here gardening! But like good children do, the babies observed our job.


Well now that everyone is up to speed…there will be a more steady pace of posts from here on out!

Here’s to life in Fort Bragg, North Carolina! Cheers!