We have recently moved into a wonderful gated in community in Coral Gables and are completely in love with the quiet neighborhood… no traffic, no trucks, no honking etc.

BUT (yeah there it is) we have our fair share of ‘tropical’ critters. Here are a few…


The pooches have had a fantastic time on their walks at their new home… they have become very well educated about the animals and many lessons have been learned along the way:

1. Crabs will nip you, you will cry.

2. Cats will not fear you, you are on the leash – they aren’t. They mock you.

3. Toads are poisonous. DO NOT EAT THEM or you will end up back at the emergency room again with “buns of steel” as the vet tries to take your temperature. **REMINDER IT WAS NOT FUN**

4. Peacocks, while beautiful are idiots but at the end of the day, they can fly and you cannot. Stop trying.

Each day is full of excitement here in Coral Gables. We never know what animal will grace us with their presence!